Our community needs change. Our Community needs action.   Our community needs our involvement.  Our community needs us to take responsibility for our actions, our kids, our finances, our growth.

Malcolm X Day is a celebration of a great man who stood, lived and died for the needs of our community.  Not only do we celebrate him, but we seek to impart some of his knowledge and wisdom into our community.

This year (2022) is the 6th Annual Malcolm X Day Celebration Weekend.  This year’s celebration will continue to be about building, unity, family, & community!  In addition to last year’s experience of great food, great insight from Malik El-Shabazz himself.

This years theme is “Taking Our Communities Back.  In short 2022 is definitely a time to take our community back from:

  • Violence 
  • Corruption
  • Fear
  • Lack
  • Trauma
  • Gentrification
  • Mis-Education


The Community Cookout will have few new elements including:

  • Education (Panel & Seminar)
  • Entertainment
  • Kid Zone
  • More

The physical events being held are free and open to the community and everyone who is about equality, building, and correcting the ills facing our community are invited to join.

Registration is required, please do so by visiting our registration page.