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Volunteer FAQ’s

No, the Malcolm X Day Celebration is not religious by any means.  It is a celebration for a great man who devoted his life to progress & truth, a great man that gave his life for what he believed and those whom he loved. 

Malcolm X for at least part(s) of his life considered himself Muslim, but these events aren’t about his religious practices or beliefs, but instead are about his commitment to his community and their progress.

We invite all members of the community whatever your religion to stand with us for UNITY, PROGRESS & JUSTICE. 

No, the Malcolm X Day Celebration is not political by any means.  It is a celebration for a great man who devoted his life to progress & truth, a great man that gave his life for what he believed and those whom he loved. 

Of course it’s okay if you attend the event.   The requirements for attendance have nothing to do with race.   If you are authentically concerned about helping the black community move forward and unify, then this is an event for you.   If you have listened to, studied or know of the great works of Malcolm X and you have an appreciation for him, then yes please attend and do what you can to spread the word. 

Yes definitely can. 

You can contribute financially using the button below.  Financial contributions will go towards things like

  • Food & Supplies
  • Marketing
  • Tents & Setup
  • Games

If you would like donate goods directly to be contributed towards the community cookout, we are accepting donations from the general public for :

  • Water
  • Chips(packs/boxes of individual bags) 
  • Soda / Gatorade

To keep consistency of items, and safety of preparation these are the only items we are accepting direct donations for from the general public. If you by chance or a store that would like to donate a significant amount of an item (baked beans, fresh chicken, hot dogs) then please contact us as we will make exceptions in this case as it will allow us to keep the consistency and safety for the attendees of Malcolm X Day Community Cookout

To arrange for delivery or pickup of items you would like to donate, please send an email to partner@malcolmsday.org and indicate you would like to donate and what you would like to donate. 


  • Audio of Malcolm  X
  • Appetizers
  • Community Directives
  • Like Minds

This event is about connecting with leaders of your community that are about making positive change.   Fun will be had, progress will be made.  

You must be 18 years or older to attend this event. 

Please ensure you are registered. 

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Yes children are allowed. The Community Cookout on Saturday May 19th is a family friendly event.    There will be plenty of kid friendly activities for them to engage and have fun with.  WE will even have a specific area designated for all types of fun and play stations for the youth! 

So be sure to bring the kids and their friends. 


There is not an official dress code to the event.  All we ask is that you come to the event, looking presentable and respectable. 

We welcome volunteers, the more the merrier. However we ask that our volunteers take the efforts seriously and understand that is a part of serious work being done to help our community. 

You can registered to assist right now, by clicking here :

Register Now

(You will be transported to directly to event volunteer registration form.)


There is no cost to attend the event.  However we ask that if you like the work we do for the youth and in the community and you would like to see more of it take place, then please donate what you can to the cause. 

You can donate below.  


Yes most certainly you can.  Please send an email to partner@malcolmsday.org Please include:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • City,State
  • Potential Venue
  • Reason you would like to host event
  • Why you would be a great partner for this event.

No , this is not a Muslim event , nor do you need to be muslim to attend or to appreciate the work that Malcolm X did for progress and advancement. 


There are a number of ways you can participate in Malcolm X Day.  

Before the event:

  • Post reminders to your social media. 
  • Create videos/snapchat/instagram speaking on and reminding people about Malcolm X Day.
  • Change your profile to one of our Malcolm X Day graphics (we will be posting them soon) 
  • Contact us and get started on hosting Malcolm X Day events in your city for next year. 

On May 19th:

  • Take the day off from work.
  • Dress as Malcolm X.
  • Buy from black owned businesses. (Get started on creating your business)
  • Mentor a kid, or anyone in need of it. 
  • Increase your knowledge of the work that Malcolm X did in the community.
  • Do something that will have any impact on the future of your community. 


Beyond the above and overall the more important objective is to make a commitment to helping in your community.