Can I donate to help out?

Yes definitely can. 

You can contribute financially using the button below.  Financial contributions will go towards things like

  • Food & Supplies
  • Marketing
  • Tents & Setup
  • Games

If you would like donate goods directly to be contributed towards the community cookout, we are accepting donations from the general public for :

  • Water
  • Chips(packs/boxes of individual bags) 
  • Soda / Gatorade

To keep consistency of items, and safety of preparation these are the only items we are accepting direct donations for from the general public. If you by chance or a store that would like to donate a significant amount of an item (baked beans, fresh chicken, hot dogs) then please contact us as we will make exceptions in this case as it will allow us to keep the consistency and safety for the attendees of Malcolm X Day Community Cookout

To arrange for delivery or pickup of items you would like to donate, please send an email to and indicate you would like to donate and what you would like to donate.