How can I participate in Malcolm X Day?

There are a number of ways you can participate in Malcolm X Day.  

Before the event:

  • Post reminders to your social media. 
  • Create videos/snapchat/instagram speaking on and reminding people about Malcolm X Day.
  • Change your profile to one of our Malcolm X Day graphics (we will be posting them soon) 
  • Contact us and get started on hosting Malcolm X Day events in your city for next year. 

On May 19th:

  • Take the day off from work.
  • Dress as Malcolm X.
  • Buy from black owned businesses. (Get started on creating your business)
  • Mentor a kid, or anyone in need of it. 
  • Increase your knowledge of the work that Malcolm X did in the community.
  • Do something that will have any impact on the future of your community. 


Beyond the above and overall the more important objective is to make a commitment to helping in your community.